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A Ned Kelly Tour

  On the latest trip to Australia, we visited Beechworth in northern Victoria. We knew there was a Ned Kelly association, but apart from that very little. I hadn’t appreciated that it was one of the earliest goldfields.¬† I knew … Continue reading

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A Third Journey of Discovery

I am on my third trip to discover the real Australia, one that has given me so much to think about. Here in beautiful Beechworth, the home of Ned Kelly and before that what was known as the Ovens goldfields, … Continue reading

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New Blurb for The Digger’s Daughter

I experimented after Christmas with a new blurb for Search for the Light on Amazon. It didn’t work. Sales went down, so I reverted back to my old one. So I am now experimenting with this blurb for The Digger’s … Continue reading

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Audio Books

A new member of CHINDI has kindly made an audio recording of one chapter from The Digger’s Daughter.¬†Here’s the link. My question is how useful is it to have an audio book as well as e-books and paperbacks? How long … Continue reading

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Lovely Review from Ingenue Magazine

Delighted to see this review drop into my letterbox this morning.

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Book Funnel

I have taken the plunge and subscribed to Bookfunnel. For the princely sum of 20$ a year, I can send out targeted free copies of my books, prior to publication, and hopefully get more reviews. (This price is the starving … Continue reading

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Those of us who like family history make a beeline for graveyards when visiting somewhere with a family connection. I particularly like Scottish ones as they list all the children too. But many is the time I have tramped around … Continue reading

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