Our ancestors fought so hard for the vote and now we can’t understand why it became such a fight. It seems obvious that there should be no taxation without representation. Indeed we are still fighting for 16 year olds to have the vote. They were included in the Scottish Referendum and should be in the up and coming European Referendum. It is their future after all.

In New Zealand women were granted the vote in the 1890s and South Australia followed soon after and the sky didn’t fall in. So why were British politicians so reluctant to extend the franchise? here are some of their arguments.

In Ballarat right next door to the Eureka Stockade memorial is a fascinating museum of democracy. It takes a global view and I particularly liked the audio visual exhibit analysing the rhetoric of great speeches, such as those of Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

The Eureka Stockade Site, complete with the Southern Cross Flag


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