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This image came up on a Facebook Page, I follow. It is a photo of Yarra House in Cleethorpes. Built around 1840 by a clergyman, I am really intrigued by how it got its name. Was it the first owner or one … Continue reading

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Story Arcs

With my first three books, I researched, did minimal planning and set off writing. Yes, there were points in the story when I was unsure how to proceed but I usually sorted it out within a day or two. A walk … Continue reading

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West Sussex Writers’ Workshop- Part Two

To prove the point that it is better to have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised, as a late entrant, I had to take the workshops that were left. My afternoon one was on Screenwriting – something I have no … Continue reading

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West Sussex Writers’ Workshop – part one

I joined West Sussex Writers in time for their 80th birthday Workshop celebration yesterday, complete with cake. Am I glad I did! My only gripe with the day was that too much time was spent on teas and lunch. I would … Continue reading

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Fog on the Lincolnshire Coast

A Haar or a Fret is a cold sea fog, mostly occurring on the East Coast between April and September according to Wikipedia. A sea fret doesn’t sound particularly dangerous. It has a pleasant Anglo-Saxon ring to it or maybe even … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season for Conferences

I am looking forward to attending my first West Sussex Writers’ Conference a week on Saturday in Worthing. When I was working, I attended many conferences on teaching and learning and all things librarian related. Some good, some bad and … Continue reading

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Reasons for Admission to Insane Asylum

I came across this poster today. The list was compiled from the admissions log from a WestVirginia for the Insane. In Ranter’s Wharf, I touch on one reason, Novel Reading but some of the others are fascinating. Presumably, the relatives … Continue reading

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