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The Blitz

What an excellent series is the BBC programme The Blitz; the Bombs that changed Britain. I often find that there are programmes which feed into my writing. Last year, when I was writing Ranter’s Wharf, the was a programme about … Continue reading

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On Canaan’s Side

I rarely read a book twice. I know I should but there are so many books, too many for one short lifetime. If my book club selects a book I have already read, I usually wing it. But this time, … Continue reading

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Historical Accuracy

There’s always such a lot of discussion on accuracy in historical novels. Readers will always find fault with some aspect even for respected best-selling authors. I recently listened to a very amusing talk by a well-known crime writer on letters … Continue reading

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in a town under siege from bombs? You see these images on the television of Syria and the Yemen where people are living in not much more than rubble. How does … Continue reading

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Ghost Tour

For my sins but really being a willing member of the wonderful CHINDI network of Independent Authors, I have said I would arrange organise a ghost tour for the LOCA, the Littlehampton Arts Festival next July. I am hoping to receive lots … Continue reading

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Time Management

I fear I am failing at this. Oh yes, I make my lists and religiously cross things off but I tend to do the easy ones first. Doesn’t everyone? If I am in a writing mood, everything else goes to … Continue reading

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New Book Title

The third book in my Australian trilogy needs a title. I am a year off finishing it so you might think it’s early days but I want to create a Pinterest Board for it. My working title has been Sadie … Continue reading

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