Audio Books

A new member of CHINDI has kindly made an audio recording of one chapter from The Digger’s Daughter. Here’s the link.

My question is how useful is it to have an audio book as well as e-books and paperbacks? How long will it take to cover the upfront cost?

Can we afford to create an audio book, is the first question. Here’s an example of costs.

What is the market for audio books?

Amazon, of course, have a solution. But they require 7 years exclusivity, so it’s a big step to go down that route. What indie authors should know

Meanwhile I have been quoted £1200 for my book though Book Narrator. What do you think?


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Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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2 Responses to Audio Books

  1. Margaret Jane griffin says:

    Fantastic idea for many with failing eyesight, unable to read of would just rather listen to a story, my mother would have loved this. Good luck with it if you go ahead.


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