ranters_wharf_front_cover_small    Search_for_the_Light_cover_small  The Digger's Daughter: An Australian Saga (Currency Girls Book 2) by [Noble, Rosemary]

My books are available from Amazon, both as e-books and paperbacks.

Ranter’s Wharf will be available from April 15th 2017.  Order Ranter’s Wharf

Book Trailer for Search for the Light
Search for the Light
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Book Trailer for the Digger’s Daughter

The Digger’s Daughter
Preview this book now for free
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These are both part of the series Currency Girls. This was a term used in the nineteenth century to distinguish convict descendants from sterlings, who were the children of free settlers.

The third in the series may have to wait a while. My new book, Ranter’s Wharf, is a saga set mostly around Grimsby, England. It takes the reader through 50 years of tumultuous times from the Napoleonic Wars, through the industrial revolution to 1848, the year of revolutions, and its impact on a tiny forgotten corner of  England and its inhabitants.

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