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The Bluebird Brooch – a dual timeline mystery
Set mainly in Sussex in 2019, but with some chapters in Grimsby, until it veers across the oceans, this story follows the females in a family from 1854 onwards. Each has to make a difficult decision often resulting in dire consequences for their daughters. But the decisions were often unavoidable.

The Bluebird Brooch

Currency Girls Series – set in Australia. Currency lads and lasses was a term used in the nineteenth century to distinguish convict descendants from the sterlings, a term used to describe the children of free settlers. This saga follows a particular family through the highs and lows from transportation, searching for gold to eventual riches and success before the tragedy of two world wars play havoc with the fortunes of the fourth generation.

Book 1. Search for the Light

Three girls are transported to Van Diemen’s Land in 1824. To survive they will need every ounce of support from their friends.

Search for the Light
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Book 2 The Digger’s Daughter

An epic story that covers the life of a pioneering family through the latter part of the 19th century in Victoria, Australia.

Book Trailer for the Digger’s Daughter

The Digger’s Daughter
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Book 3.  Sadie’s Wars

Sadie’s Wars

The third book in the series takes us on a journey between Australia and England during the first half of the 20th century. Expect some heartbreak and hardship as well as the high life.



Ranter’s Wharf is set in Grimsby, Lincolnshire in the first half of the 19th century. It is a family saga, but more Dickensian than Rosamund Pilcher.

Blog Review of Ranter’s Wharf

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Ella Midnight and the Mystery of the Missing Nose  is a book for 6-9 year olds set in the first months of World War 2 – it is a gentle adventure story set mostly in Norfolk about two children evacuated from London. It is available on all platforms, not just Amazon. ellaMidnight


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