New Blurb for The Digger’s Daughter

I experimented after Christmas with a new blurb for Search for the Light on Amazon. It didn’t work. Sales went down, so I reverted back to my old one. So I am now experimenting with this blurb for The Digger’s Daughter. Comments please.

Based on the life of Jane Dugmore Timms, this fictional account is a dramatic, historical adventure. It follows the life of the early settlers in Victoria, Australia. Bush Fires, Bush Rangers, Gold Diggers, and rebellion all feature in Jane’s early life. But she and her husband are driven DDpbackto succeed against all probability. She is a convict’s daughter who manages to escape her background, building a life of relative prosperity for her numerous children. All the time, the threat of bankruptcy haunts her family. One fire, one drought can bring all she has striven for tumbling down.

Jane never talks about the past, hiding her background from everyone. Her son, Joseph, mixed with the great and the good, from Nellie Melba to Sir Sydney Kidman, the cattle baron, but only Jane knows the truth about the family’s origins.

her death, her nurse, Mary, encourages Jane to talk, to tell her stories, to reveal her secrets. Mary nursed in Egypt and on the Western Front, and has her own dark past. Sometime
s their stories collide. Excitement mingles with the bleakness of disease, war, and poverty. Families sometimes support each other and sometimes tear each other apart, but at last, Jane learns to love and receive forgiveness. Mary wishes she could do the same, but her sin goes too deep.


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Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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2 Responses to New Blurb for The Digger’s Daughter

  1. Margaret Jane griffin says:

    After just finishing reading Diggers Daughter, I felt I wanted to get in touch to say how much i loved every page of it. I purposely picked this book as I too have been doing research into my Australian Ancestors. Similarities are so strong, pioneers of the town, areas and it has helped me even more understanding the lives and times. I am so glad I read this book and now look forward to reading the others in the series.


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