Living in a Tent or a Hut

For most of us in the Western world it is unimaginable to live in the conditions that were found on the goldfields. How would you cope bringing up a family in such conditions? And yet think of all those thousands of refugees from Syria or elsewhere around the world. What must their living conditions be like?

It’s only recently that we have had the modern conveniences we take for granted; but even that does not compare with living in a tent or hut through frosty winters, broiling summers, hailstorms etc. lacking clean water, any kind of toilet facilities or medical help. As an author I have to try and place myself in that position, but can it really be imagined? The nearest thing I have experienced is walking through an Indian village in the 1950s as an impressionable child. The mud, the poverty and the dirt has lived with me since.

This photograph was taken at the wonderful Sovereign Hill Gold Mining Museum in Ballarat, Victoria.


About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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