I am happy to talk to local organisations for a small fee to cover expenses.

Secrets and Lies – how delving into family history led to writing four books and uncovering an amazing, forgotten story.

MADE Museum bonnets on the wall (detail)Roses From the Heart – 13000 women  were transported to Van Diemen’s Land (modern-day Tasmania), often for petty crimes. They went on to help found a successful country, but they and their stories were wiped from history. Rosemary will talk about the projects now underway to bring these stories to light and how women around the world are getting involved.

From Newbie Writer to Self-Published Author – how many writers are choosing the self-published route. What you need to know, the pitfalls and pleasures of being in control of your own work.

My next event is at the Boston Book Festival in September 2022 where I will be talking as a Lincolnshire bred author about my books. To book tickets.