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Author of five historical novels,  a children’s book, editor of one book of Ghost Stories and a Christmas short story book. The Currency Girls trilogy – is set in Australia and Ranter’s Wharf is set in 19th century England.  My new book, published in 2022, is set  mainly in Sussex  and  Australia.  It  is  a modern day romance  with family  secrets to be discovered.Rosemary Noble

Despite a serious health, issue in 2010, I was given the gift of retirement to pursue the things that interest me. Having worked all my life in education as a librarian, you might gather I have a passion for books. Over my forty year career, I worked with infants right through to university students and found each age group a delight.

I loved to help students to research and those skills helped me when I decided to begin writing historical novels. I  became a director of Chindi Authors Network which was a great organisation supporting authors in and around Sussex. Unfortunately, we had to close  the Company,  because of the Pandemic. You can still find it on Facebook.


  • Born In Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England
  • Educated mostly in Lincolnshire, apart from a year in Singapore;
  • Attended library school in Birmingham and university in Brighton
  • Worked in Lincolnshire, various Midland towns and counties and latterly in Sussex.
  • Recently moved to Norfolk after thirty-five years in Sussex.
  • Interests reading, of course, family and social history and travelling to new places.

How I came to take up writing.

Following a retirement trip to Australia and knowing a little bit about my husband’s family in Australia, I came back enthused and wanting to find out more. My sister in law asked me to write  down what I discovered. So I began to write; not since my teenage years have I written fiction and then two embarrassing novels, written longhand in the style of Georgette Heyer, which never saw the light of day. Even then I was fascinated by the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

My research led me to voluntary work with the Female Convicts Research Centre, where they allowed me to work through all the female convicts on the ship, Henry, discovering  as much as possible about their backgrounds and how they fared after their arrival in Van Diemen’s Land.  This is important work in understanding the value and skills that these women brought to early Australia. Until recently, their contribution was ignored and derided. In 2015 and 2018 I  attended their seminars in Hobart and was delighted to meet other volunteers.

Having written my first book, I was hooked and began the second immediately. I have completed five novels, a children’s book set in Norfolk, where I now live, edited a ghost tour book of Littlehampton and a book of Christmas stories.


10 Responses to About me

  1. margaret says:

    hello rosemary,was you pearson had a brother john,lived in fairview ave cleethorpes.
    i was margaret howard lived at 36.


  2. Marilyn Alex says:

    Hi Rosemary. I am Australian, and have just finished reading Currency Lass by Tea Cooper, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We also Have Currency Lads by Peter Yeldham. A friend has put me on to your books, which I think I will enjoy as well. I love books from this era. Both Australian and English Look forward to finding and reading your books.


  3. Rosemary Noble says:

    Hello Rosemary! I am Rosemary Noble! My maiden name is Coffey. I live in Washington State and was born and raised here. I am a retired BSN RN, and was a nursing instructor at Skagit Valley College. I am contacting you as I am looking for someone to help me write a story about my ancestor named Olive Oatman. There are dozens of stories about Olive, but not many are truthful! Olive’s family was massacred by Indians in 1845 and Olive and her younger sister Maryann were captured and sent to live in an Indian Village in what is now Arizona. I have many facts about this whole ordeal as I collected information from my great grandmother, Nana Oatman and have gathered more from people who have an interest in this factual event. I have given several lectures on the event and have read many stories, some factual and some not! Need some help to put it all together! Interested? 360-630-1832


    • Hi Rosemary, Thank you for contacting me and what a fantastic story to have in your family history. My knowledge of the USA is very limited but if you have read any of my books you will know how I blend the factual and fiction. It can be done and you can always make plain in the author’s notes what is fact and what is supposition. Are you looking for some kind of mentor or beta reader to help you write your own book?


      • Rosemary Noble says:

        I just want the truth to be known about this Family! There are many books and stories written about Olive and most are not true! After coming out of captivity, Olive wrote a book about the experience and she did lectures all over the country! She was a wonderful woman who was right out front about her experience while under much ridicule! I am not a writer but know the story well.


      • If you do not wish to write the story yourself, you need someone who knows the context and the area. It may be worth contacting local writing groups to see if anyone is interested in writing the story. As a novelist, I know how hard it is to conjure an historical scene, but when you have no knowledge of the topology, the flora and fauna, the climate, anything which affects the senses, it’s impossible to write with conviction. As an aside, I was not a writer when I began. I joined a writing group and I learned how to write over time. It could be worth sitting down and just begin writing, then find a good editor to help you. I do wish you luck but it’s not something I can help with, having no knowledge of the subject or the country.


      • Rosemary Noble says:

        Thank you so very much! I understand and will look into the suggestions!


  4. Sue Dennis says:

    Hi Rosemary, it’s Sue Weeks from Guildford, now Sue Dennis in the Isle of Man. What an exciting retirement career move for you. I’ll be downloading your books on Kindle later. Do send me a catch-up email.


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