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Travelling Again?

I returned home last Wednesday after a long day sat in Bologna Airport. My fault, I had booked myself on a flight at 6.50 p.m. instead of at lunch time, but had to be dropped off at 10 a.m. British … Continue reading

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Life Goes On

The audiobook of Search for the Light is now live. I have some free credits if anyone is interested. Maybe I will do a blog tour for it when I have the inclination. Its’s been a fairly terrible month losing … Continue reading

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Audiobook – I pressed Approve

I’m not sure when it’s going live, but I have approved the audiobook. My finger hovered over that button for days. Why? It felt a huge step into the unknown. It’s been an intense process listening so carefully to my … Continue reading

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I Have Been Remiss

June 8th was my last post and here we are at the end of the month. Have I been on holiday, some may ask. An emphatic No. I ran a ghost tour around Littlehampton for a WI group on June … Continue reading

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Audio Books

A new member of CHINDI has kindly made an audio recording of one chapter from The Digger’s Daughter.┬áHere’s the link. My question is how useful is it to have an audio book as well as e-books and paperbacks? How long … Continue reading

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