Cruise Blues

I can imagine I will upset people with this offering. Last week we were on a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords; a treat after a really busy few months getting my latest book ready and the launch itself. We had been on one cruise before around New Zealand but when we got to Fjordland in South Island, the weather turned so bad that the captain would not risk the ship. As it was the week of the Costa Concordia tragedy, no one complained.

Although we loveDSC03277_edited-1d the New Zealand trip, it left us wanting more and we also decided cruising wasn’t really our thing. Eighteen months ago we returned and did a road trip in NZ but only made it as far south as Queenstown.  Continue reading

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Adobe Spark

I’m always trying to find new ways of engaging readers. Plus, I also like to play with technology. Having a little time between book launch and a trip to Norway, I have investigated Adobe Spark. It is not a program you need to download.It’s all done via the internet. There are 3 possibilities of use. First is very similar to and that is making social media images. Second is the page. I tried this out yesterday and was impressed with the ease of use and the look of the finished product. Take a look at the story I created on Arun Scribes Facebook Page.

Today I experimented with the video. Unfortunately, I hadn’t got any video clips to use but I used still shots. Again very easy to use. Take a look Let me know what you think.

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What a week!

First, we had the book launch on Sunday, which went like a dream. Lots of people, buzzing with author chat, cake and bubbly.SONY DSC This was followed by my author interview on the Love Books Group Blog. What a great blog that is. Amazing that I haven’t found it before.

On Thursday, I woke to the news that I had been awarded the Author Hour Book of the Week. Totally unexpected and delightful. author hour

On Friday my author interview was scheduled for Mrs Average Evaluates. Another lovely blog. I will be sure to follow them in future. I won a twitter competition from Mrs Average and received Black Eyed Susans by Julia Hearberlin in the post. I’ve just finished reading it so will do a review on out Arun Scribes page in a day or two.

I am looking forward to the reviews of my own book later on.

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Ranters Wharf By Rosemary Noble @chirosie #QA

Source: Ranters Wharf By Rosemary Noble @chirosie #QA

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The Year With No Summer

Everyone has heard of Krakatoa but have you heard of Mount Tambora? In April 1815 an eruption occurred that was to last two weeks.

“During the April 1815 eruption, the volcano ejected billions of tons of gas and debris into the atmosphere. Much of the heavier ash and debris fell on the islands around Tambora, but a significant amount wound up in the atmosphere, spreading around the world and partially blotting out the sun for months after the event. The eruption itself killed tens of thousands—if not hundreds of thousands—of people in the resulting pyroclastic flows, choking ashfalls, and tsunamis.”

I first heard about it on a TV programme that Lucy Worsley did on the Regency Period. It’s these little opportune moments that make you go “Ah”. I checked the newspapers at the time and there was no mention of Tambora but plenty of mentions about the poor harvests. I wonder what ordinary people thought when the weather becomes so topsy-turvy?

Weather plays an important part in Ranter’s Wharf. There was the dreadful winter of 1799 which lasted into April followed by a great storm in late May. Poor harvests meant lack of cheap bread for the poor and most of them only ate bread and maybe a few root vegetables. Later the corn laws kept the price of wheat high, no matter whether the harvest was good or poor. These were also the times when the Thames froze over. In 1814 the ice was so thick that they held a fair on the ice.

So back to Tambora – how did people explain the lack of summer that year? Did they think that God was punishing them in some way?

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Radio Broadcast

Preparing for this book launch has been full of new experiences. The craziest was the film we made – it’s not released yet. But I will share the photo.


Another fun hour was making a radio programme which broadcast on April 11th. Our bit starts at 3.30 seconds and lasts about half an hour, including excerpts from our books.

On Tuesday we are embarking on the craziest thing of all, a Facebook launch party, which could go horribly wrong. But it’s all a steep learning curve and we are having trials beforehand. Join us along with 4 guest authors for fun, music, giveaway competitions on the Arun Scribes Facebook Page between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. British Summer Time.

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Six Days To Go

Ranter’s Wharf becomes available on Amazon on April 15th as an e-book and on the 27th as a paperback. For the first time, I am also trying out Kobo, Scribed, Apple etc. It’s an experiment to see if it really is worth being on KDP select or not.

The next big thing is our Virtual Launch Party on Arun Scribes Facebook Page on April 18th. I do hope we get lots of people joining in to win book prizes. We have guest authors, Ruth Dugdall, John Broughton, Jane Cable and Michael Parker as well as my Virtual party invitationcolleagues in Arun Scribes, Angela Petch and Patricia Feinberg Stoner.

Then the big day itself, the book launch at Arundel Museum on Sunday, April 30th between 10 a.m and 1 p.m.

In addition, we have made a radio programme which airs on April 11th. I will add a link to it once it comes out.

And last Thursday the three of us sat on a bench in a shelter on Worthing seafront and were filmed. This must be the most bizarre publicity stunt ever. Three Ladies on a Bench, not Forgetting the Dog, is the title. I cannot describe it. You will just have to wait for it.

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