An Interesting Week

The National Centre for Writing is not only a beautiful medieval building in Norwich but also has some amazing courses and meetings for writers. Rather bravely, my granddaughter agreed to attend one of their workshops for children aged 11-14 and gave me an excuse to visit when I dropped her off there. I am very proud of her. She has always loved writing, was the inspiration and driver for my children’s book and in her first year at secondary school came top in her year for English. Her first article is about to be published in our local parish magazine about her experience at the Women’s Euro Finals, not bad for a twelve year-old.

Having dropped her off, I took the time to find out about meetings for writers and found that there is one called the Wrinklies Writers Group. There are also some courses run by the renowned UEA creative writing tutors and open evening meetings once a month. I look forward to discovering and visiting more.

Last night we had to attend our local Parish Meeting where they were discussing our planning application. More keeping fingers crossed as it goes onto the next stage and full planning committee. I hope that I managed to give a good account of our plans.

This book was recommended to me. John Boyne’s The Heart’s Invisible Furies. It’s a whopping book, nearly 600 pages, but I couldn’t put it down so read it in one day. Yes, I felt guilty because there’s so much that needs doing on the allotment, but still I read. It’s the story of growing up a homosexual in Ireland. Born in 1945 to an unmarried mother and adopted by rich parents who then ignored him, Cyril becomes obsessed by Justin from the age of seven. Running through the story, threads connect him to his real mother as they meet without realising. So much happens, violence and fear, prejudice and bigotry run through the decades. It is the story of Ireland as it begins to throw off the yoke and culture of the Catholic Church and the priests who instill fear into every walk of life. It’s going to be one of my favourite books of this year.

It’s our village fete on Saturday, the first for two or three years. I have been assigned to the book stall, There’s a surprise! I hope that means that I can pick up some goodies. Meanwhile, I had better make some more damson jam for the tombola.

People seem to have liked the prologue for my new book, which I submitted to my writing group in West Sussex. As I told them it’s early days. There’s a lot more to write, but it has given me an idea that I was lacking for the plot. I will get back to it soon. Watch this space.


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