Norwich – Unesco City of Culture

I have been busy writing and added to my planning for my new book and worked out that I need to visit various places in Norwich, not too far away and a Caribbean Island, much further. That would be nice, of course. Very little of my plot takes place in the Caribbean but smell sounds, nature and food all add to the setting. It’s something to dream of.

I have visited Norwich twice this month, the first as explained in my last post and the second this week when I took my grandchildren to watch the new production of Les Misérables. Wow! What a fantastic production and the singing was just sublime. My eldest granddaughter loved it, they younger one enjoyed it too, I think.

Norwich still doesn’t feel like my city as yet. I first visited when I was seventeen and looking to be a student myself there. Leap ahead twenty-five years and my next visit was when my daughter became a student there in the 90s, I don’t know Norwich though. To really know a city, you have to work or live in it, I think. I need to walk the streets on my own, understand the lay-out, take stime to study the buildings, learn more about its history, sit in cafes and imbibe the atmosphere. An autumn project for me. I have a booklet, Walking Norwich, the real and the imagined city. In the preface, I learnt that Norwich was the first city to implement the 1850 Public Library Act and the first place in the country to offer an MA in Creative Writing. Norwich should become my city,

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This week, we had a bat survey done – not something I would ever have thought I would write two years ago. Luckily our bat survey was negative. Bats are great, of course, but not in a building we want to convert. We hope that is the last hurdle before planning permission is granted. We will hear this month.

This week, I have made Mirabelle plum jam, tomato kasoundi and my husband has made Mirabelle gin and is about to start peach gin. The apple and Conference pear harvest has yet to get underway but won’t be long. The potato harvest is half-done and all of this with a far better crop than last year.

I have bought an air fryer to save on electricity costs, but then I discovered that you can use it to dehydrate fruit and veg. Sun-dried tomatoes are first on my list. Wish me luck.


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  1. Angela Petch says:

    Glad you are writing again. I find your posts fascinating. You are turning into Mother Earth. Our two older children went to school in Norwich, so I do know it a little. Lovely city, full of history of course. Enjoy your new phase of life.


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