Blurb for Sadie’s Wars

I can take a breath to recover from four months of hard graft as my new book has gone to my editor. I am amazed that I got it finished in time thanks to a deadline suggested by my writer friend, Angela Petch. Yes we will have our joint launch on December 1st.

So now I need your help. These are blurb examples I want to send out to my cover designer. What do you think? Which one do your prefer?

1.Based on a true story;

Sadie is brought up in luxury as her railway magnate and pastoralist father reaps riches from the boom years before the Great War. A war which brings him and Australia crashing into depression. Sadie has no option but to flee from her marriage and her country, seeking refuge in Cleethorpes, a seaside town in England, before a new war threatens her sons in bomber command. As she is forced to confront the past and her part in her family’s downfall, can she find peace and love at last?

From Perth to Melbourne, from Adelaide to the Darling River, this is also the story of a man battling to tame Australia, a partner of Sidney Kidman, a friend of Dame Nellie Melba and the Murdochs, who rose from nothing and then sank back into the tides of history.

2. Spanning continents, Sadie’s life is a rollercoaster of love, loss and heartache. As her youngest son joins his brothers in the RAF in June 1940, a letter arrives from her younger brother in Australia, reawakening memories. The Great War changed everything, forcing her to flee from her marriage and country. Can old wounds be healed, and new love found or will this second war destroy everyone she saved?


About Rosemary Noble

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3 Responses to Blurb for Sadie’s Wars

  1. kateclaisse says:

    I prefer the first one Rosemary – more likely to make me want to read it. I think the second is a bit vague.


  2. Angela Petch says:

    I think the second one is catchier but re-reading it, doesn’t tell me an awful lot. Maybe mix the two. The first sounds too serious at the moment. Up to you!


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