Sadie’s Wars – Blurb update

The community of authors and friends is a wonderful thing. A  book blurb is one of the most difficult things to write and as I am told, I am lousy at selling myself and my work. Too British, too refined. I need to learn to be brasher. So I have listened and learnt and taken onboard suggestions and the result of my third attempt is below.

Jump on this unforgettable rollercoaster of love, loss and heartache.

Sadie is brought up in luxury as her work-obsessed father, with the touch of Midas, reaps riches from the boom years before the Great War in Australia.

Post-war, as depression looms, Sadie’s only option is to flee from her disastrous marriage, seeking refuge in a small seaside town in northern England.

Years later with her sons in RAF Bomber Command, she receives a letter from her long-lost brother which forces her to confront the past and her part in her family’s downfall.

Can old wounds be healed?
Will she find new love?
Will this second war destroy everyone she saved?

An astonishing tale, spanning continents, where truth is stranger than fiction. The saga of this extraordinary family of Australian pioneers continues.

This is still a work in progress but there’s some great advice here Writing Blurbs

About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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4 Responses to Sadie’s Wars – Blurb update

  1. kateclaisse says:

    Great Rosemary – but I would
    suggest changing your second para/sentence as it reads like there was a Great War in Australia.


  2. Thanks, point taken.


  3. Angela Petch says:

    I know you want to be “less British”, but I don’t like the use of unforgettable at the start. I’d lose that. In second paragraph, I’d substitute as with whilst.
    Third paragraph = Post war, and depression looming for me reads a little more smoothly.

    I still feel the blurb could be punchier. I’d be inclined to put your three questions at the end.
    And I would put your last sentence first.
    Hope this helps.
    It’s not easy! I still have mine to do! You are way ahead of me, despite you starting from the back, in this race to the launch!


  4. Very helpful. I will get there. My cover designer is not responding again. I may approach your contact. My deadlines are a bit different with my Australia trip on the horizon. I’m looking forward to your blurb next.


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