Heading to Winter

While it is unseasonably warm, we are steadily getting ready for winter. Geraniums are going into the greenhouse and bulbs being planted. Apples and pears have been stored away with the surplus sold in aid of our local foodbank. We have plenty of help with weeding and the heavier jobs. This year, we hope to finish the pond which we began digging last year, then abandoned after our labourer became ill. He’s back now, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The big news is that our building work will begin this weekend. The guest suite will become reality within the next three months. Apart from smartening up, the front will look the same but behind the false garage doors will be a large bedroom with ensuite and at the back, a kitchen /lounge/diner and private garden. I will show progress photos.

What has fallen by the wayside is writing. I need to believe I can get back to it. It’s always harder to begin again after a break. Sometimes you need to force yourself to sit down at the computer and just write. It may be rubbish and all get deleted but the juices beginning to flow again is what is required to kickstart the process to get back on track. Now I have done my tax return, there should be no more excuses.

I have read two books recently, both of which I enjoyed. Wild by Kristin Hannah is a real page turner about a six-year-old girl who appears suddenly from the woods and the struggle to find a relative but also to get through to her. She really is wild and traumatised. It’s a great read.

The other book was Pigs in Heaven by Brabara Kingsolver, one of my favourite authors. The wisdom of Solomon transferred to Oklahoma and Indian rights. I was enthralled by the book and how much I learnt. She is such an empathetic writer and an enthusiastic supporter of the Native American Culture.


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