Spring Renewal

There is nothing like the onset of Spring to make you busy. In the first week of warm weather we took a three day trip to North Norfolk visiting Sheringham. I have a vague idea of including some scenes of my new book around there. Sheringham Park offers a thousand acres of walking around a lovely, hilly estate. Some of the rhododendrons and camellias were in bloom, not many but enough to give an indication of the beauty to come. We then visited the Georgian town of Holt, which burnt down in 1709, was rebuilt and remains unspoilt. I can understand why Londoners like it. Hampstead by the sea. All independent shops, arty crafty and quaint streets. On our last day, another National Trust property, Felbrigg Hall – we picked a day when it wasn’t open but walked around the parkland and I found the template house for my new book, although mine will be smaller, Georgian stuck onto Jacobean – a weird mixture.

It was lovely to feel normal, although we still wear our masks in shops, but we ate out. Oh, how I had been looking forward to a Thai meal! We walked around a town for the first time in over a year and bought an ice cream and ate fish and chips on the sea wall at Wells by the Sea. Then, on our final day, we lunched at a posh restaurant with its own helipad and deer park and the food was exquisite. Only an hour away, but I felt my soul had rejuvenated – then back to daffodils, hyacinths and polyanthus which had taken advantage of the sun and warmth to flower.

Gardening is in full swing, our greenhouse is in production and we picked our first rhubarb. My cousins visited and sampled some of last year’s produce including my quince jelly – made with only five quinces. I hope this year’s harvest will be better.

Now, with the return of cooler weather this week, I am cracking on with the paperback of the Bluebird Brooch. The e-book has 15 ratings now, averaging 90% five stars. I intend to book a blog tour for it with the proceeds of my ACLS money which reached three figures this year. The tickets for the Boston Book Festival are now open too, so lets hope people book tickets to listen to my talk. https://t.co/2Smo2ZF2R9 this takes you straight to my booking. We are driving up the day before, so I hope to catch up on another talk.


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