Curd Tarts

Curd tarts are something I have never seen for sale in the South of England. Many recipes online name them as Yorkshire Curd Tarts but we had them in Lincolnshire too.

Researching for my latest book I found that visitors to Cleethorpes in the nineteenth century  often ate the local cheesecake, but I am sure this would have been a curd tart, because cheescakes as we know them now were unheard of in my childhood.  For those who have never tasted one follow the link to the history and a traditional recipe.

I think I will have to try making it because I bought one in Yorkshire this week and it did not taste as good as I remember it.

Do you have a remembered food from childhood which you like to taste again?

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One Response to Curd Tarts

  1. Angela Petch says:

    This is an interesting article, showing yet again that sometimes the most frugal dishes (out of necessity) are the tastiest. Country folk would use everything. My father used to keep pigs (and chickens) and he said the only thing you couldn’t use of the pig was the squeal. I remember my mother’s soup with my mouth watering. She kept a big pan on the Rayburn and everything was thrown in. No two soups were ever the same and they were always delicious. She learned her cooking as a young war bride, so nothing was ever thrown away. The only dish I wouldn’t touch was her tripe. In fact she took to making herself tripe and onions when she knew we were out! What else do I remember of her cooking? Lambs’ liver and onions, flapjacks, coconut pyramids, sticky ginger cake, home made pate… oh dear, I can feel the pounds pouring on as I write….

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