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Adobe Spark

I’m always trying to find new ways of engaging readers. Plus, I also like to play with technology. Having a little time between book launch and a trip to Norway, I have investigated Adobe Spark. It is not a program you … Continue reading

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What a week!

First, we had the book launch on Sunday, which went like a dream. Lots of people, buzzing with author chat, cake and bubbly. This was followed by my author interview on the Love Books Group Blog. What a great blog that is. Amazing … Continue reading

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Ranters Wharf By Rosemary Noble @chirosie #QA

Source: Ranters Wharf By Rosemary Noble @chirosie #QA

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The Year With No Summer

Everyone has heard of Krakatoa but have you heard of Mount Tambora? In April 1815 an eruption occurred that was to last two weeks. “During the April 1815 eruption, the volcano ejected billions of tons of gas and debris into the … Continue reading

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Radio Broadcast

Preparing for this book launch has been full of new experiences. The craziest was the film we made – it’s not released yet. But I will share the photo. Another fun hour was making a radio programme which broadcast on … Continue reading

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Six Days To Go

Ranter’s Wharf becomes available on Amazon on April 15th as an e-book and on the 27th as a paperback. For the first time, I am also trying out Kobo, Scribed, Apple etc. It’s an experiment to see if it really … Continue reading

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Book Trailer for Search for the Light

I’ve just had lots of fun playing around with Powerpoint. You can’t sell books without marketing and with the launch coming up, my launching colleagues are brainstorming continuously. Now we’re thinking of a virtual launch for out friends overseas. What … Continue reading

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