A Week of Reading

Having injured my knee a couple of weeks ago, I have spent a few days doing little but reading. And what a great crop of books! If you want holiday page-turners, I can recommend the following.

Imagine, you have just moved in and are having an extension built, but the builders find a body in the garden. What a promising start! This book keeps on getting better and better as the mystery begins to unfold. I read it in one sitting because I could not put it down. The Couple at No. 9 by Claire Douglas.

Next up – one of the only books by Charity Norman that I hadn’t yet read.

A family moves to an idyllic spot in New Zealand, craving a new start. The opening is when one of their twin boys falls from a balcony in the middle of the night and ends up in a coma in hospital. How did it happen? Who was responsible? This is a terrifying account of a family in crisis. What happens could happen to anyone with teenage children. How would you cope? My heart was in my mouth.

Other books I read, Snow Country by Sebastian Faulks. It’s taken him years to write a sequel to Human Traces, which I thought needed some hard editing. It’s a slow, thoughtful read about a young girl/woman finding her way in the world after a somewhat neglectful upbringing and an older man, although we follow him from a young boy – both live in Austria. The culmination comes prior to the German invasion of Austria. He is a journalist, affected by WW1. She is a maid in a Sanitorium which he visits to write an article and then stays in for counselling. They have met before, although he does not remember, while she remembers vividly. The ending has a single sentence which troubled me enormously. I am going to have to wait years for the third book, unfortunately.

Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan Two head traumas in one week! Liz, a pediatric doctor is suspicious when a good friend, Jess, arrives at the hospital with her baby girl. I found it compelling and sensitively written. There’s more to it than just one possible accident/ non-accidental injury, so it has elements of thriller. I was a little troubled because the ending to me seemed somewhat contrived.

What made me most happy this week, apart from the release of my new paperback – was that my local library put all of my books on display and then they all went out before I could take a selfie with them.

Books by Rosemary Noble

I hope the readers enjoy them. My new one, The Bluebird Brooch will join them on the shelves shortly.

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Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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