Look out for the Paperback

I know its been a long time coming but I wanted to make sure it was perfect. I am just waiting for the OK from Ingram Spark that everything is in order their end and the paperback of The Bluebird Brooch will be available to order from Good Friday, that’s next week. I am really excited by this. It has been a battle to ensure everything was right.

My next step will be to order some copies and add one to the Norfolk Library Service. I am delighted that they have accepted my other books and they are available to borrow as paperbacks. I need to send 6 copies to The British Library. After that I am looking for a Blog Tour. It’s time I took marketing more seriously.

The tickets for the Boston Book Festival are now on sale, so there’s that to look forward to. Two of the organisers have read The Bluebird Brooch and loved it, I’m very thankful that they did. It would have been embarrassing if they didn’t.

I am now catching up on some reading and have to tell you about a very short book which was recommended by a member of my Sussex Book Group. Small Things Like These by Clare Keegan. Oh my word! It is a beautiful little gem. It takes place in Ireland in 1985. Furlong is a hard-working family man whose compassion in a judgemental and scared Catholic society, leads him to risk everything to save someone. Please read it. I borrowed my copy from the library.

I am now onto my next book, A Terrible Kindness by Joe Browning Roe about a young embalmer who stepped up to volunteer at the Aberfan Disaster. This was recommended by the same person and it’s another one I am loving.

With all the sadness in books, it’s a good job that I have lots of gardening to lift my spirits. Yesterday, I transplanted peas and radishes and today I planted potatoes and lavender. I may have also strewn some sunflowers and poppies on our field hoping that they will grow. At least all last Autumn’s work has paid off with a wonderful display of spring bulbs. Here is one example.

The big debate still is whether we acquire some chickens. I have people knocking on the door to buy eggs. We sell a few but they’re my granddaughter’s. Having made an omelette from some this week, i have to say the taste and colour was superb.


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  1. Angela Petch says:

    Loving your posts. I really must update my blog. Re chickens: we used to keep them. Be aware that you don’t save any money after buying feed etc. But they are delicious. Also, if you go away, do you have somebody to put them in at night and feed them? You need to be aware of foxes too. Those two books sound good – I listened to somebody talk about the embalmer’s story on Radio 4 recently. I’ll try and get the other out from the library. Well done on all your hard work and patience with formatting.


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