Publication Day

After two and half years of writing, tearing up, re-writing, editing and re-editing, my new book is finally out on Kindle. The Bluebird Brooch even has its first 5 star review thanks to an early reader.

Of course, an author is full of self-doubt when the book hits publication day, which is one of the reasons I have held back on the paperback, but I now have a deadline for the paperback of the beginning of April.

I began the book in May 2019, exactly when the book begins and in the town where I was living, Bognor Regis. By the end of that month, I knew that my best friend was dying. I visited her and took her favourite fruit, cherries. We had enjoyed many spectacular holidays over forty years, the last being to Italy. Writing a single chapter in Tuscany, brought June closer to me. I remembered an incident when we were walking in the mountains near Lucca and an old lady was harvesting her cherries in a quite a dramatic way by chopping whole branches of the fruit with an axe. Despite no common language, other than grazie, she offered us one of those branches and June was so delighted. The final holiday we took was to an old mill which I describe in the book and we walked in the mountains, ate fabulous food and drank lots of chianti and visited some spectacular hill-top towns, so I feel this chapter was an homage to my good friend who died on July 1st 2019.

Later in July, my 98 year-old mother died too. She is not present in the book, but one of the main characters, Peggy, lives in a care home in Sussex and it’s her story which becomes an important theme in the book. Who can say what I was thinking when I wrote Peggy into the story? I had not intended her to be there and yet she became so important. I am sure she was a part of my sub-conscious mind.

The book does not stay tied to Bognor Regis – it is a journey of discovery and the uncovering of an age old family story. I leave you with a photo of a place resonant with history, mostly brutal, in the story. One which set me off on my writing journey, ten years ago.

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Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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  1. Angela Petch says:

    Wishing you so much success with this book, which contains special “chimes” for you.


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