Two and a half years but I think I have cracked it. I need to wait for some beta reader reaction, however, I am looking to publish The Bluebird brooch in late January / early February. This will give me time for some marketing and for the finishing touches to the book cover etc. I hope to reveal the cover next month.

Last weekend, we had a small bonfire party which helped clear all the old wood from sheds and tree prunings. Unfortunately, it began began badly when our son-in-law hit a deer on the way here. The deer ran off but managed to severely dent the bonnet and doors of his new electric car. This is a peril of living in Norfolk but also a concern that wildlife don’t hear electric cars. Luckily no one was injured and hopefully, the deer has lived to see another day. Our granddaughter was heartbroken to think it may have been injured so our son in law went back to check and then scoured the surrounding fields the next day. No sign of it, thank goodness.

We are planing next year’s jobs. Top of the bill is to order a new larger greenhouse so we can grow more tomatoes and cucumbers and bring on cuttings and seedlings, second is planning what to sew, third is ploughing the field to level it and begin rewilding. Luckily, we have found a young man who can help with all the labouring. Finally, we have to take down one old greenhouse to mend the other one near the house and begin to plan for our big project – which is still a secret.

Unfortunately, I will miss the book event in Bognor Regis tomorrow, where are A Feast of Christmas Stories will be featured in a new booklet of books set in Bognor, It is still available in paperback for 7 pounds and as an e-book from Apple and Kobo.

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