Before we move into winter, it’s time to reflect on the year. For us it has meant a huge change in our lives, but change can be what we need. We may not recognise it as such, we may think of it as an ending. I hope that we now recognise it as a new beginning as we plan for next year’s allotment planting, spending more time meeting new people and enjoying our grandchildren.

I am inching closer with my new book. Two and half years it’s taken to get to the point where it is ready to send back to my editor. During that time, I lost my mother and my best friend, moved 200 miles to a rural village and found a renewed love of gardening and cooking – two things I had decided I hated. Perhaps I can be forgiven for taking so long over this book. The question is – will there be another one? I am starting to think that there may be.

Two interesting possibilities have arisen this month. One, thanks to my writer friend, Jane Cable, I am in discussions with the Boston Book Festival to appear next September as a featured author. Rather daunting but exciting, I admit. My new book better be out by then because a small part of the setting takes place in Lincolnshire.

The second bit of news is that Search for the Light has been selected for Prime in Australia. This means I get a small amount of guaranteed income at the end of six months (and I mean small, tiny even), but hopefully it will give rise to more sales of my other books. It’s worth the experiment. At least Amazon will promote my book for free.

In a side event, Bognor Regis is holding it’s own literary festival next year and the Chindi Feast of Christmas Stories has a mention, as well as books by the lovely, Beryl Kingston and my friend Helen Christmas.. Maybe next year, The Bluebird Brooch will feature with it’s Bognor Regis connection.

I leave you with another photo from my morning walk. The glimpse of moon reminds me of the wonderful full moon we had last week.

Country Lane

About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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4 Responses to Renewal

  1. Angela Petch says:

    You’ve been through so much and I really admire you. And wish you lots of inspiration for the edits to come. Great news about the fairs and talks. Soon you will find a writers’ group near you as well. Keep the news coming.


  2. Patricia Feinberg Stoner says:

    As usual a lovely piece, Rosemary. So much sadness and so much hope. Exciting news about Prime and Boston — for a minute I had you winging across the Atlantic (!) untill I realised you were talking abouit the ORIGINAL Boston!. Enjoy yor cooking and gardening and keep on sharing your triumphs and disasters.

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