Summer has Arrived

August was busy as I continued with a substantial rewrite of my new book and worked with my cover designer and good friend on the paperback cover. I can’t see it being published this side of Christmas but maybe in the new year. It has had to vie with the damson and pear harvest plus an awful lot of digging in the cool weather. Now, with schools back, the summer has come for not one last gasp, but the only gasp this year and we are hit with 27 degrees. Not a time for wielding the spade through bone dry soil.

Yesterday was a different form of excitement as we both took it in turns to ride in a cherry picker above our roof. We are having two new fires fitted which required relining the enormous chimney. It took some effort to climb in but the view took away my fear of heights, The area on the right is part of our field.

I am planning a new garden on what is currently a potato patch. The main crop potatoes have been disappointing so we are abandoning them to create an area for a new greenhouse and garden next to the damson trees. All twenty-seven fruit trees are due to be pruned next month. Some have produced loads of fruit while other have produced next to nothing but all are in need of some tender loving care.

We are also going to use some of the vegetable are for a new soft fruit section. This year, I had to scramble through waist-high grass, fight bramble thorns and thistles to pick raspberries from the hedges. We brought some of our raspberry canes from our old garden so they are going to be transplanted together with new blueberry bushes and a Worcester berry (a cross between gooseberry and blackcurrant). I am not sure if I can move any of the redcurrants or blackcurrant bushes so I may be still fighting those thistles. The redcurrant jelly I made in July is quite delicious.

Soon it will be time to cut the grass back in the field, clear the bits of wood, paving slabs and general rubbish and decide whether to plough it or just attempt to flatten it out so we can walk on it without tripping.

Tonight we have been invited to attend the Parish Council to support a proposal to create a footpath from the bus stop to the end of the road (all of 50 yards). We will be delighted if it happens because it would make walking safer for everyone, especially the children dropped off the school bus and decrepit oldies like us. I may have to smarten myself up for the meeting. Then it will be home for a sample of our rhubarb gin, or maybe cherry gin or even damson gin. Next week pear vodka is on the cards. We are giving away our Christmas present ideas. Let’s hope we don’t drink it before December.

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