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Oh well! Having moved to our new house, we have plenty to keep us occupied but with Covid cases in our local schools and the government throwing in the towel, it’s back to living in the bubble of home and garden. Forget visiting shops or taking the odd meal out, we can live without but I am disappointed for local businesses and those in retail who are struggling to survive.

I have begun work again on my WIP. It will be slow because I have to work around allotment jobs, however, I think I can see a way forward after feedback from beta readers and reading Girl, Woman Other. It may be a few months yet before I publish but one day I hope it will happen.

I am struggling to find a place to write in this house of many windows. The kitchen table is the only place where the screen is not wiped out with glare. I am going to experiment with a desk in the art room which we are just beginning to sort out. I need an opening window so that’s another job for our builder, once I have tried writing there a few times. The art room was once the staff toilets for the school with the tiny window extension added on. I’m not sure how working in an old ladies’ loo will help my imagination. It’s right next to the bird feeder so I can use it as a hide too. Will be up close and personal with wagtails, tits and finches. The jackdaws may send me into Daphne Du Maurier territory, though.

Art Room

We have just finished watching This is Us on Amazon Prime. I don’t normally like long series but if you enjoy complex family stories which have utterly likeable but flawed characters then I can recommend it. Sex and violence are avoided so my 11 year old granddaughter is also now lapping it up. The programme has great acting and music too.

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