Tasks in a Heatwave

Today is too hot for anything other than reading so after weeding the veg plot, a never-ending task, I settled down to finish Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo. I have read some cracking books this year and this is up there, will even enter my top ten books of all time. Don’t read it if you want a page-turning plot. There isn’t one. There’s no plot at all. There’s no full stops or capital letters either. I love books which stretch the boundaries. This book is all about the intertwining characters across four generations. I’ve been stuck with my latest WIP but I this has given me some ideas on how to get going again. I need to be braver, let the characters speak for themselves. When cooler weather and rain descends, I may pick my book up again with a fresh eye. I am grateful to have lots of readers this month, still with no marketing, so I ought to have a deadline for finishing this new book.

In the meantime, I sorted my vastly culled library this morning. There are lots of spaces since I moved in with what I thought was still an excess of books and found I had room for a lot more. Living in an old school means I have inherited an actual library, small but perfectly formed. All the art books are held separately in the as yet unsorted art room. How grand it all sounds, but everything is in miniature apart from the field. The cherry tree is laden with fruit. Will we get any or will the myriad of loud, jostling starlings beat us to it? I suspect the latter.

I also had a phone call today inviting me to attend the next village book club meeting. This means I will get to meet neighbours too and they have outings to plays etc. One day life may get back to normal but the prospect is enough for the moment.

Stay safe everyone.

About Rosemary Noble

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1 Response to Tasks in a Heatwave

  1. Angela Petch says:

    I have library envy. And I’m glad that you have found a way forward with your wip. Good luck and, here’s wishing you inspiration to go forward.


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