Samples and Swatches

Last Saturday, we celebrated my birthday with a new house. How many people can say that? The previous owners gifted us champagne and I prepared a picnic of tasty nibbles and a tarte citron for afters to celebrate this adventure before dementia. That last phrase came from a sign on an old cottage in the nearby village. It made us laugh and now we often refer to it. There are so many nooks and crannies in the garden to explore, so many trees and plants to get to know. I am looking forward to spending the year here and discovering the seasons. No need to go on holiday, I feel.

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Old School Pump

Luckily, I finished editing and reading through the book aloud just before we completed the sale, so The Bluebird Brooch is now being read by beta readers. Who knows, I may get to publish it by the summer if they like it.

We thought to move our furniture on Tuesday but it needed bedroom curtains and some new carpeting and so we decided to do a full make over – all cosmetic, because the house is lovely. However, if we spend the money now, hopefully, we won’t have to in the future. Now, I would not call my skills in interior design normally a success. A week of choosing paint colours, carpet, blinds and curtains has turned my head to mush – indecision, indecision. I have been guided by the professionals and my family. The choices have been made and let’s hope it looks spectacular – it better do or my husband will be complaining about the money I am spending.

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Curtain pattern

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About Rosemary Noble

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2 Responses to Samples and Swatches

  1. Angela Petch says:

    Adventure before dementia – love it. And I love the curtain material too. Sounds as if you are having such fun. So pleased for you for your new lease of life.


  2. Patricia S says:

    It really is an adventure, though I hope dementia is a long way away. Don’t let it frazzle you, enjoy the fun of creating your new surroundings. Wishing you well xx


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