Reasons to be Grateful

Today we get our first vaccination. If that’s not the best news so far in 2021, I don’t know what else is. I know we still have a long way to go and that it gives limited protection until a couple of weeks after our second dose, but freedom beckons. All credit to those who designed, built, tested and offered themselves up in the trials. Thanks to our wonderful NHS then for pulling out the stops to vaccinate so many so quickly.

Occasional bright sunshiny days among the dismal, short January days are another reason to be grateful. Yesterday, I took a long walk with my daughter across fields and byways, meeting some of our new neighbours along the way and found out about a local bookclub to join. The most magical moment came when a group of around eight, enormous red deer bounded across the path a few feet in front of us, across the field, over the road and up what passes for a hill in this flat county. I couldn’t get to my camera in time but what a magnificent sight. We were thankful no cars were on the road. Those deer weren’t stopping for anything.

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Our third reason is that it looks like we will exchange contracts on our new house later this week and hope to move in a fortnight. While we are very comfortable in our temporary accommodation, we need to be settled in our next home. My husband is itching to get in the greenhouse. He has seed potatoes and vegetable seeds all ready to plant when the weather warms up and I look forward to discovering what plants and shrubs are in the garden. I am itching to buy more fruit trees too.

I am spending time editing my next book, tightening the sentences, and the story. The next step is to get it read by some more beta readers before deciding whether to publish it later this year.

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Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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  1. Pleased to hear you’re sounding so positive, Rosemary and best of luck with your move.

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