When You Become a Hunter/Gatherer

Who thought their days would be taken up with hunting down eggs, bread, milk and tea?

white eggs on white tray

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I now watch TV and say ‘how come they’re cooking eggs. Where did they get them from.’ I envy my daughter with her free range chickens, but she’s four hours drive away and goodness knows when we’ll see her and the grandchildren again.

However today, I have bread and milk so not all is lost. Iceland, a shop I never use came up trumps, whereas Sainsbury’s have no more deliveries except for those over 70 etc, but we can’t tell them we’re over 70, so how do they know? I suppose it will sort itself out. However, at the moment it’s pot luck what you ask for and what you can get. Iceland couldn’t supply butter, tea and non-bio liquid. Last week I couldn’t get milk or eggs from my one and only Sainsbury’s delivery. Neither shop had eggs and I am waiting for my poor butcher to ring me back. His answerphone message sounded frazzled. He’s doing his best to keep people supplied but he’s inundated.

All these shop workers and delivery drivers are paid a pittance no doubt to keep us fed. I hope after this is all over, that society re-evaluates who is important. It sure isn’t the hedge fund managers, the finance guys in the city and CEOs like Tim Martin or Mike Ashley who are now showing their true colours, although many of us knew this already. We need our key workers to be rewarded handsomely after this, with praise, recognition, better rights and more money.

I am reading a wonderful book at the moment, Middle England, by Jonathan Coe.

It shows how UK society became divided after 2010 and the fault lines in society –  race, gender and class and age. I think it’s one of the most illuminating, thought-provoking and important books of our generation. It’s also funny. I’m only half-way through but it’s going to be my book of the year.



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3 Responses to When You Become a Hunter/Gatherer

  1. Angela Petch says:

    I’ve actually heard the comment recently “Bring back Brexit”…
    We went on our permitted walk today in the sunshine. It felt almost like eating forbidden fruit. Then we found young nettles growing at the edge of a field we walked across and picked them to add to dumplings tomorrow. We were too depressed at the thought of going into ASDA to see stripped shelves, but across the road is a “farm shop” and we managed to buy salad and half a dozen eggs in there.
    This is an unbelievable period that we are going through and I hope it serves to make us all value the things that we take so much for granted.


  2. kateclaisse says:

    That book was recommended to me so I have it is my pile to be read – will make it the next one I’ll read. xx


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