All Plans Gone Awry

We had plans. Sell the house, go travelling for a year. Come back and decide where we want to spend our old age. It’s now or never, we thought. First we were going north.

architectural photography of brown and gray castle

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Revisit Scotland, I had an inkling we could spend time rediscovering the highlands,  north of where my husband spent his university years. Then we would go to Ireland, travel around, live amongst the Irish, sample the craic.

In Autumn we would go interrailing around Europe, do what our children did twenty odd years ago before we are stripped of our rights to live, work, study and retire in 27 other countries. Home for Christmas, then off for a visit to Australia. Visit the states we hardly know, catch up once more with family and friends.

Instead, it looks like we will be self-isolating for months, if not a year or more until a vaccine is found. That’s if we are lucky.

Do I feel sorry for myself, no. We are in a fortunate position to have enough food, a beach to walk on away from other people, a garden to tend and my husband will paint while I write. We can occupy ourselves without any problem.

What I do feel is anger that as a country we are so unprepared with creaking hospitals, not enough beds, nurses, doctors or equipment. A large homeless population and people in the gig economy barely surviving and dependent on foodbanks. How are these people going to cope with self-isolating and on a pittance for sick pay?

I thank God that my mother died last summer. The thought of the elderly in short-staffed care homes being in quarantine for months and, if the virus hits, the elderly dying of pneumonia without one to one nursing or family around them, is both horrendous and heart breaking.

Government needs to be thinking out of the box. If this is a catastrophe of wartime proportions, Johnson, who likes to think he is the modern Churchill, but not fit to clean his boots, needs the scale of planning that was put into wartime. His government of misfits and weirdos and failed politicians are not up to the task. I am frightened by what is to come and we, as a country, no longer have EU friends to help because of Johnson’s lies over three decades. God help us.

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2 Responses to All Plans Gone Awry

  1. Angela Petch says:

    Our plans are scuppered too – two-fold: 1. By b**** Brexit and 2. by not being able to get to our beloved Italy in the foreseeable future. We are in constant touch with our friends over there who are housebound.
    Let’s try and concentrate on the positive, however. Maybe we will all realise that life needs to slow down; we can regroup as families and go back to simpler things; the country might unite after the awful divisions that Brexit caused; we writers will have time to concentrate on our words; there will be time to read and be creative and time to think of ways that we can help others. Because, lots of help is needed in this selfish world. I can’t believe how quickly supermarkets have had certain stocks emptied from their shelves. Why? let’s share it out. PLEASE!


  2. kateclaisse says:

    Well said Rosemary – exactly my sentiments, Just wish I had your talent with words to express myself – will copy the second half of your blog to send to friends and family to explain what I feel.. I end with the new mantra – Stay Safe! xx


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