Almost on my Way

It was a useful research trip to Norfolk last week for my children’s book, Ella Midnight and the Mystery of the Missing Nose.

img_20190905_144013The weather was disappointing but we had one reasonable day for a walk on the beach and for the first time the tide was in and I could see how dangerous it could be to unsuspecting children. I have a scene where an evacuee child runs into the sea for the first time and is knocked over by the waves. Now I know that could happen quite easily.  My granddaughter and I worked on the blurb. This is the latest version,

When war is threatened, the children of London are evacuated. Ella and Charlie Midnight are dispatched to live with a cranky old woman at a Norfolk farmhouse where secrets lurk as thick as cobwebs. Can they follow the clues to save the woman from her grasping relatives – or will it all end in disaster?

Comments and improvements welcome.

My daughter took this great photo representing Ella and Charlie – now to turn it into wartime evacuees. img-20190905-wa0001

I was delighted today to see 2 5* ratings on for Search for the Light with one glowing review. When I return from my Italian writing adventure, I must try to promote it more.

It’s time to get back into writing mode and the book I haven’t touched for weeks. Will I tear it up in despair or think I can rescue it and carry on?


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