The Year Ahead

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with visitors and attending the launch of Chifest 2019. Now I have to get down to work. My to-do list is almost longer than me (my fault for being short). Chidest

Last night our group of Chindi authors met for a very useful meeting with Gill and Roger Kay from Ingenue Magazine. I apologise for the pile of books they took away to review. It was great to put faces to names of our new authors too.Chindi Authors 2019 02 We have a very busy year coming up with five events in the Chichester Festival, at least one more Littlehampton Ghost tour, our book stall at the Arundel Festival and no doubt other live events. We are also producing a book of short stories with a Sussex, Christmas theme. Closing date is May 31st and then begins the choosing, editing and compilation.

I have had some fabulous new reviews for Sadie’s Wars too. One I was especially pleased about was from a guy who lived in the Wilcannia district of New South Wales complementing me on my descriptions. It’s all down to research.

I am hoping the Sussex Roses from the Heart project will soon be underway. A key women’s organisation in Sussex has said they want to use it for MADE Museum bonnets on the wall (detail)their craft focus this year. I have sent them the list of all the female convicts transported from Sussex to Australia and will be researching those convicts with a view to an exhibition at a major local museum. I am so excited that these women’s stories will be made known.

Lastly, I have three talks booked at Townswomen’s Guilds and at Grimsby Writers. One is on Roses from the Heart, another is titled Secrets and Lies, adventure in family history. Chindi authors is producing a leaflet called Chindi Speaks with a list of authors and the talks they can offer. We aim to produce sample videos of talks so organisations can see before they commit. Exciting times.

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2 Responses to The Year Ahead

  1. Angela Petch says:

    Exciting times indeed. So sorry not to have been able to attend last night.


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