What a Busy Month!

Many apologies for not posting anything for a month – you may be relieved about that. My time has been taken up by arranging Chindi events for the Chichester Festival and thinking about a session which my daughter has volunteered me for at her local school. I’m to talk to 57 six-year-olds about Australia. I have been planning the session as though it were to be delivered to the UN. I’m full of self-doubt. I want to keep them interested, make it interactive and informative. I’ve read stories in infant schools before but never delivered content. The teacher appears happy with my lesson plan but it could all go pear-shaped if I get the tone wrong. Will I be running across the playground, chased by irate staff and pupils or will they all fall asleep through boredom? I’ll get back to you on that.

Other exciting things have happened or are about to. My book group read Sadies’s Wars and their comments were very positive. book group1A review of the book also came out in Ingenue Magazine, a magazine for the arts across Southern England. A paragraph such as this is enough to make my heart soar, “Sadie’s Wars is a must-read. It had me on tenterhooks but I had to keep reading -even while my heart was breaking…”

I have also going to be featured author with Chindi over the Australia Day period next week so eight different bloggers will be blogging about my books. Some of those blogs I have written myself and I will share them here.

Now to get back to writing the next book, I wish.


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2 Responses to What a Busy Month!

  1. jessiecahalin says:

    The children will love it. Have lots of questions and interaction. Maybe you could have a search for the koala bear on one of your slides. Have a list of simple facts you want them to learn by the end of it.


  2. Good idea, I’m working on questions. I’m being at bit ambitious. I want to cover the first fleet and the reaction from first peoples as a story, to make them think how they would feel. Maybe I’m mad. I’ll look for a koala puzzle. Also a song about a koala not being a bear!


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