Guest Post – Lexi Rees

I am delighted to host Lexi Rees on my blog, today. Having been on my own travels for six weeks in Australia, and only now overcoming jet lag, I was happy to give another author a turn. I’m also excited that I have bought Lexi’s book, Eternal Seas, for my granddaughter’s Christmas present. Over to Lexi.


Rosemary posed the question how travel inspires my writing. That’s such a hard question – the short answer is massively, through my own reading, in my travel and in my choice of locations.

My favourite travel books

I’ve always read a lot of travel-related non-fiction books. Bill Bryson’s “Neither here nor there” and Tony Hawkes “Round Ireland with a fridge” make me laugh out loud. Joe Simpson’s “Touching the Void” and Mick Dawson’s “Rowing the Pacific” scare me rigid.



My persistent travel bug

A school cruise on a badly converted car ferry that still smelt of diesel didn’t put me off travel, but I couldn’t afford to take a gap year. It wasn’t until my twenties that I was able to start to travel. I was offered the chance to relocate to Australia with the company I was working for. I must have thought about it for at least 2 seconds before starting to pack. I had an amazing two years, but the time came to return to the UK. A round the world ticket turned out to be the cheapest way to add a stop in South America, where I backpacked through Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.  Eventually, I landed in Madrid, but somehow it didn’t feel right wasting the other half of the ticket, so I kept going, via Asia. The trip was amazing but did cause a slight problem in that I had arrived back in Sydney 10,497 miles from Edinburgh! I seriously considered buying another round the world ticket at that point, but decided a one-way ticket might be more sensible, especially given the rather depleted savings pot.

I still love exploring the countryside, whether it’s hiking in Scotland to campervan-ing in New Zealand, a working cattle ranches in Montana or pottering about on boats in the Mediterranean.

Locations in Eternal Seas

As a sailor with a serious travel bug, it’s not surprising that my debut novel was going to combine travel and sailing!  In the first book in Relic Hunters series, Finn and Aria are chased across the oceans, whilst the sequel will take us into the mountains (with ponies – so many people have commented that I forgot to put ponies into Eternal Seas, but they are a little hard to keep on a boat).

Each of the locations visited by Finn and Aria on their voyage is based on a real place, although I confess it’s not always accurately represented.

Gylen Castle, is a real castle on the Isle of Kerrera, near Oban although, as you can see from the photo, it’s stunning, not remotely barren and harsh like I portray it (apologies to the inhabitants of Kerrera – I promise, the story of Gylen Castle has not finished yet).



Such a small parcel shouldn’t cause experienced smugglers much trouble. But this parcel is far from normal.

Chased across the seas, Finn and Aria must solve the mysteries within the parcel.

What does it mean? Who should they trust? What will happen?

The fate of an ancient people depends on them and time is running out …

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image1 (5)

Lexi Rees grew up in the north of Scotland but now splits her time between London and West Sussex. She still goes back to Scotland regularly though.

Usually seen clutching a mug of coffee, she spends as much time as possible sailing and horse riding, both of which she does enthusiastically but badly.

You can join her secret readers’ team

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2 Responses to Guest Post – Lexi Rees

  1. Lexi Rees says:

    Thanks so much for hosting me. If you’ve got any favourite travel books please do let me know! I’m always up for a new one.


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