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Last time I did a launch (which was only in April 2017), I had hardly heard of Blog Tours. My two co-conspirators in the launch and I, thought we were at the height of cutting edge marketing by hosting a Facebook Launch Party – which was great fun, but it didn’t get us much coverage. A blog tour, on the other hand, spreads the word far and wide and if the bloggers blog tourlike your book (a big if), you get to keep that review for future use. I am hoping to get between 5 and 21 bloggers reading and reviewing Sadie’s Wars for the first week in December alone. And now I hear there are  only 7 places left. Does that mean 14 readers have already taken up the offer? The nerves are already churning in my stomach.

In the same week, which is just after our official launch on Dec 1st in St Paul’s Centre, Worthing, I am Author of the Week with CHINDI. This means I get to do a different kind of blog tour with fellow authors. I may get interviewed by them or write my own posts on various subjects. Here are some of my proposed topics:

a) chatting about historical fiction research
b) choosing my family history to write about;
c) interviewing a character from my book;
d) how you overcome the trials of writing a story based in a far-away land;
e) using senses to describe a completely different environment;
f) discovering the fauna and flora of Australia.
I need two or three more ideas so I can get cracking. Any ideas?

Some excellent news – I have had my best ever month of sales and there’s still 5 days to go.


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