Finishing Touches

I am waiting for the (and here I keep my fingers crossed) for the final edit to the paperback cover for Sadie’s Wars. It has been a bit of a marathon trying to get it right. I used a lovely lady I found on Fiverr for the cover. Unfortunately Ingram Spark first didn’t like the colour format she was using and then the trim size. It’s like a yoyo, back and forwards, a few pounds extra each time, so it may not turn out to be such a bargain as I had hoped. Heyho! You live and learn. It also doesn’t help that I can’t pick up the phone to her. Coming Soon

At least it has given me a few more days for final edits, but I will not be unhappy to say a final farewell to Sadie. Let her go, let her fly.

This weekend I have taken the plunge to book a blog tour – between 5 and 21 reviewers will get my book and then blog & tweet their reviews. Gulp! I hope they like it. That’s going to take place in December – just after the official launch at St Paul’s in Worthing on Dec 1st. Yes, I know the book is coming out on September 29th, but two other author friends are launching with me on the same day. We can make a splash before Christmas.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Some exciting news is that I have booked to attend the next Female Convicts Research Group Seminar in Hobart. Beautiful Hobart. This time it is not in Sandy Bay but at the Orphan School. I am sure theArundelre will be so much atmosphere in its 1820s austere buildings. Will I find a story there? There must be so many tales of woe within its walls.

It’s Arundel Festival time so I’ll be helping to man the CHINDI stall on two mornings. Let’s hope we sell lots of books to raise funds for Cancer Research. Last year we made several hundred and we have more authors’ books there this time.

I was talking to a friend last week who is writing a book and hoping to publish it. She was asking for advice. Now she is a very bright lady but she was astounded at the new skills she would have to learn, not only to finish her book and then to market it. Before you embark on it, I told her, realise it is a full-time occupation. It’s lucky I enjoy it; I wonder if she will.

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5 Responses to Finishing Touches

  1. jessiecahalin says:

    Interesting insight into your publishing journey. I look forward to reading this novel. the front cover is calling to me.


  2. You are doing it all just right! Congrats!


  3. Lexi Rees says:

    I’d love to hear more about the Orphan School – there’s probably a story there for me!


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