July Update

I have been quiet for a while, but July was hectic. For the first time I took part in the Chichester Festival with Chindi Authors. Of the several activities organised by Chindi, I took part in ’20 Websites for Authors’ – it was great fun and received good feedback. Then we had a day selling books at the Graylingwell Fair. This took place on the day of England’s match with Sweden. Last year they had 4000 visitors but that was down considerably this year. That must be so disappointing for the organisers. However, I met some lovely people and sold several books. One of our authors, and my editor for Sadie’s Wars, J L Dean, is pictured here with the Mayor of Chichester.Graylingwell

Then came the Littlehampton Festival of Arts (LOCA) for which I organised four events. Two were workshops on publishing, one a quiz at a local pub where we raised £200 for a local foodbank. The fourth was a ghost tour of Littlehampton. What a great time we had. All successful events, thanks to my team of fellow authors and the landlady of the Dolphin Hotel, who was an absolute star. It’s been so successful that we sold out of our ghost book and we are rerunning the tour on August 14th. Ghost tour 3

If all that weren’t enough, I was trying to beat a deadline. Ingram Spark had an offer to upload a new book free before July 31st, so I needed my cover for Sadie’s Wars and to get the book paperback ready. My grandchildren arrived in the middle of this. When you are an indie author, you try to keep costs down, so saving $49 is a big deal. It involved getting up at 4.00 in the morning on July 30th but I did it. The book is still being proofed and I have time to do that now. But publication date for Sadie’s Wars is September 29th, two days before we set off for Australia. I’m going to take it with me. Maybe I will sell a few.

Tomorrow, another hot day, Chindi authors are at the Maze Garden in Siddlesham. The Maze Garden is open only one day a year for charity. We have a stall and are each offering a free book for the prize draw. Wish me luck, I hope to sell a few books.Maze


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1 Response to July Update

  1. Angela Petch says:

    You’ve been extremely busy and well done for raising that money for charity.
    I am in awe of your hard work.


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