Next on the to do list

The blurb for Sadie’s Wars is done, so now on to the cover. A local guy had offered, but he hasn’t got back in touch with me after chasing, so I began to look at fiverr – I’m amazed to see so many talented people offering their services. There are 3000 to chose from, and several with good feedback.

I had an image of a young woman in mind for the cover, and I blogged about her a couple of weeks ago. However, I have had to reject that idea. I did a reverse google search on her and found that she was a famous Edwardian actress called Lily Elsie. She was the most photographed beauty of the day and several of her portraits are in the National Portrait Gallery. I enquired about the cost of using one on my book cover and found it was £249 – way too much for me.

All this put me in a time-wasting spin. I was recommended depositphotos    – there was bound to be a photo there that would suit. What a dispiriting afternoon I spent yesterday, searching 1920s women, flappers, vulnerable women, women in furs. It seems women are either cartoons or vamps. Please note, you cannot stick a vaguely era appropriate dress on a woman and ask her to pose provocatively, and expect to get anything remotely authentic.

I had a brainwave – or maybe I should come clean and say it was a simultaneous idea for both my husband and I. We own a photograph of the right era with a woman in fur. She looks too haJane Timms1ppy, but it could work, if I could find the right background. Yet more hours trawling through images of Australia and trying to imagine how they would work together.

At the same time as this I am trying to consider what this image says about the book and after another day of musing, I have come to the conclusion, not much.

My new idea is to through all this out of the window and try to combine references to war, women and Australia. I see a curtain of feathery, yellow wattle blossom, a small table containing an RAF hat, an Australian slouch hat with a string of pearls in between.

What do you think? Any ideas gratefully considered.


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2 Responses to Next on the to do list

  1. Margaret Jane griffin says:

    Yes I too see an open widow with a view of the English seaside , table under the window with RAF cap with wings and a vase containing stems of golden wattle blossom and a photograph in a frame.


    • I would have liked to do something like that but in the end it came down to time and money. My vision would have required an artist and I was let down. I like the cover I have. It’s not fussy and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.


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