Time for a Breather

Having completed three edits on Sadie’s Wars, I am waiting for my beta readers to give their reactions to the story. It’s always a nail-biting time. Will they like it? Is the main character’s motivation ringing true? Is there enough light and shade? I am conscious that in some of my books there is too much shade, but I as I write social realism that can be difficult. The book goes to the editor in three weeks, so next week I am going to take a short break before two final weeks work based on beta-readers reactions. Next thing to do is work with my cover designer. This is a mock-up.Sadie's Wars

It’s time to take stock. I have written three books about the same family following their story from convict, to gold digger, to entrepreneurial¬† success and finally the effect that war can have both economically and personally. I have learnt so much as I travelled the journey with them. Apart from an abiding love of Australia, with all its faults, hardships and optimism, I have learnt to love the family. It’s my family by marriage but what I have discovered is that it is a family which survives against the odds. In book three of the series, the family is torn apart and we are only now beginning to find each other again, almost a hundred years later. What a blessing that is. If I am proud of one thing, it is bringing the story and family back to the people who own it.

The cousins I have met, show the same qualities I recognise in my husband’s family. Loyalty, kindness and determination. What better attributes can you have?

One of my beta readers suggested a blank page at each section where the action changes between England and Australia. I then thought, why not also put in a sketch of the forthcoming scene in too. What do you think?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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5 Responses to Time for a Breather

  1. kateclaisse says:

    looking forward to it Rosemary.

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  2. Angela Petch says:

    I’m nearly there, Rosemary and I feel this is your best yet. I’m totally involved with Sadie. She is a great character. You will be bereft when you draw your Australian sagas to a close. I bet you’ll find some other Australian project to pursue. As to your question about sketches denoting the switches in location and period, I am all for it. But maybe a small icon-type sketch. As you know, I have included photos in both my historical novels. Some readers like them, but not all. I hope to get the mss to you within the next three days.


  3. Angela Petch says:

    p.s. I like the image of Sadie. Perfect. Maybe less writing on the cover, however. You need one catchy phrase from somebody who has read the book and reviewed it.


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