South Coast Book Show – March 4th

This is a new venture, thanks to the hard work of the organiser, Natasha Murray. Over fifty authors will be at Worthing Pier from 9.00 – 6.00 this Sunday, March 4th. If you are in the area, please pop in. It’s free. Yay!

Please come and make it a success. It might be early to think of Christmas, but when else will you get the chance to buy signed copies of books for all ages and all genres? There’s also a full programme of readings and speakers throughout the day.

Make a date, this Sunday at the Pavilion Theatre, Worthing Pier.


About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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3 Responses to South Coast Book Show – March 4th

  1. jessiecahalin says:

    I wish I could attend. Have a great time.

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  2. I wish you could too.


  3. Angela Petch says:

    Apart from being able to buy signed copies, I’m looking forward to chatting to other authors and being in a “bookish” environment for the whole day. Bliss!


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