Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in a town under siege from bombs? You see these images on the television of Syria and the Yemen where people are living in not much more than rubble. How does anyone survive, keep going, stay sane? I am writing today about a bombing raid in WW2 which seems tame in comparison with what you see now.

It was our parents Heanage Road Grimsby WW 2 bomb damaged houses..

and grandparents who lived through it but did they mention their terror.? No, I probably heard more about the difficulties of rationing than I ever did about aeroplanes coming over and shooting at them or bombing them. And yet, it happened, regularly. How does the mind cope with that amount of constant fear? Do you try to ignore it? Think it will never happen to you? If you have children, you probably have to try and keep cheerful, make light of it, while you are sitting in a dark shelter, knowing that at any minute, you could be dead or horribly injured, or worse, your child dead and you left alive.

Perhaps you develop some mechanism to cope with it. Or is it the stoical, stiff upper lip, while deep inside your bowels turn to water and you feel constantly nauseous with fear. I rather dread asking my remaining aunts about it. I don’t want to upset them. Perhaps it was all so long ago, they have forgotten what it felt like.

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  1. Angela Petch says:

    ifound an account my father wrote when he was nineteen or so and walking back through blitzed London when the sirens blew the all-clear. I will let you read it sometime. As youngsters, I think there was a certain amount of excitement … in Italy , occupied in ww2, my Italian mother-in-law continued to march about with te Fascist youth, as a teenager, on Saturday mornings in the main square of Urbino, because she was told to and everybody just did it…I think older civilians who knew more about life would have been terrified as well as young parents….we take so much for granted in our safe little suburban existences in this country…


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