This image came up on a Facebook Page, I follow. It is a photo of Yarra House in ClRelated imageeethorpes. Built around 1840 by a clergyman, I am really intrigued by how it got its name. Was it the first owner or one of its many subsequent owners? It must have been fairly early because they named the road after the house. Also, the house is built in the colonial style, notice the wrought iron balconies, so redolent of houses in Sydney and elsewhere in Australia. What’s so strange about it, you may ask? As far as I am aware it’s the only road with the name Yarra in the UK and Yarra is the name of the river which runs through Melbourne. Here’s the coincidence. Stanley Timms joins the Australian army in 1915. He grew up in the Yarra Valley near Melbourne. He is seconded to the British army in Egypt and joined the Manchester Regiment. They were sent to Cleethorpes in 1916 before being sent to the Somme. Stanley would have been billeted in the Officer’s Mess which is in Yarra House. This house named after the River Yarra which ran through the bottom of his garden. I feel a scene coming in my WIP with a letter being sent home about this coincidence.


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4 Responses to Coincidences

  1. jessiecahalin says:

    Is Yarra a wine label? This is probably my imagination. Good luck with WIP.


  2. Angela Petch says:

    I know that we occasionally rant about social media, but how intriguing for you to come across this photo on Facebook. I’m finding FB opens my world – as long as I am selective. Now, you will have to be an amateur Sherlock Holmes and investigate further this link to your Australian story. As writers we never know, do we, when and where the incentives to write will come from. I’m glad your imagination has been lit again.


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