West Sussex Writers’ Workshop – part one

I joined West Sussex Writers in time for their 80th birthday Workshop celebration yesterday, cakecomplete with cake. Am I glad I did! My only gripe with the day was that too much time was spent on teas and lunch. I would have loved to fit in another workshop.
The two which I attended were both inspirational. Stephanie Norgate, poet and lecturer and the University of Chichester asked us to examine poems and a piece of prose about the sea. With these in mind, we drew upon our own experiences of the sea, its sounds, smells, shapes and colours etc. Using Derek Walcott’s poem, Midsomer Tobago as an example, she asked us to write our own poem based on a seaside place we knew. I was amazed at the quality of writing within the group, which put my small effort to shame.

Inspired by my previous post, I worked on this poem I have called.

September Mist

Shell strewn strand, soft underfoot

Crumbling sandcastles
Echoes of laughter and innocence

Distant ships await the tide
By brooding wartime forts

Sweep of light fades,
Morphs into plaintive foghorn

Seafret encompasses, swallows, dulls
the cries of the lost

Forever burnt into memory,
Our hearts ache with loss









About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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2 Responses to West Sussex Writers’ Workshop – part one

  1. jessiecahalin says:

    Sounds wonderful. The language of your poem is powerful and enigmatic.


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