‘Tis the Season for Conferences

I am looking forward to attending my first West Sussex Writers’ Conference a week on Saturday in Worthing. When I was working, I attended many conferences on teaching and learning and all things librarian related. Some good, some bad and some indifferent. But it is a chance to network and meet other writers. Sometimes I wonder if I can really believe that I am now actually a writer.

The last time I attended a conference was in Hobart, Tasmania, for the Female Convicts Research Group in 2015. It was great to meet people I have only ever met virtually before. I wish I could attend the next one partly because I fell in love with Tasmania on my first visit in 2010/11.

The one I would love most to attend in the Historical Novelists Australia Conference to be held in Melbourne this September. I read the line up of papers and novelists and I drool with envy.

I have just finished reading The Dry by Jane Harper because I am reading anything and everything

The Dry: The most gripping crime thriller of 2017 by [Harper, Jane]

about Australia as I begin to get my teeth into the third book in The Currency Girls Series. It is indeed a great first novel. Not perfect, but very good. Her sense of place is excellent. The interior of Australia is to live life on the edge, whether it be in the north, south east or west. Away from the coast and even on the coast, you are at the mercy of the weather. The effects of the drought on the people in this crime novel are woven into the story. You feel the heat, the danger and the desperation on every page just as you get to know the unhealthy, social dynamics of the small town setting. Prejudice, jealousy and vindictiveness abound as the two policemen attempt to unravel who killed the Hadler family. A page-turner for sure.

The book I am looking forward to is Salt Creek by Lucy Treloar which is not out on Kindle yet. It is set in the 1850s in South Australia from the point of view of a woman living in Chichester, thinking back on her life. Sounds perfect for me. Lucy Treloar is one of the speakers at that Melbourne Conference. Here’s wishing.


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