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As a newish indie author, I have begun to understand the importance of reviews on Amazon etc. and now try to write them for about 80% of books I read. Why only 80%? There are some books where I feel I have nothing useful to say because they are so unmemorable.

I have just read a book which was so beautifully written, so insightful, so full of emotion that I was in tears for the last part of the book and yet it has a slew of 1 and 2-star ratings on Amazon (the largest majority by far are 5*) – but it just got me wondering how people could view a book in such different ways? Yes, the story was simple – two forty-something single parents literally bump into each other, fall head over heals for each other only to find they live on different continents. But the quality of the writing, the imagery, the way the story unfolded screamed 5* to me but to a few others it was boring, repetitive, sentimental, unsatisfactory. So it did not have the ending one hoped for, but that’s life sometimes. I want to shake the reader and ask, did you not love “the hedgerows now a knitted wall of prickled bare branches” or “her breathing trampolining on his skin right between his shoulder blades.” What about the introspection of the developing relationship, did you not consider it honest and moving? Why did you dismiss it so easily? The truth is, I suppose, that we are all different. A book that speaks volumes to me is irrelevant because of its lack of action or thrills to someone else. It reinforces the view that the author must write what they believe in.

Judge the book for yourself – Freya North – Turning Point

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  1. Angela Petch says:

    Excellent blog, Rosemary, and should remind us authors that we should try not to be upset if we receive the occasional low rating. As you say, we are all different.

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