The Undeserving Poor

My book, Ranter’s Wharf deals with issues raised about the poor in the Victorian era. Reviewer Jessie Cahalin stated that she wanted to rant ‘on behalf of her ancestors’ when she read the book. Have we learnt anything about poverty? I found this old article We have just called them a different name, scroungers or benefit cheats.

If you finish watching, I Daniel Blake, with tears in your eyes and anger in your heart, you will know what I mean. The so-called Gig Economy or Zero hours contracts are leading us back to poverty, not experienced since the 1930s. Film-makers like Ken Loach become our social conscience. In my small way, I use my family history to point out the similarities with the 19th century. What our ancestors fought for and how we still need to fight.

In Ranter’s Wharf, William says “Those who are rich and powerful will always find a way tranters_wharf_front_cover_smallo be so. It is their nature.”

Someone told me recently that people always vote for policies which are best for them. It surprised me because I believe that we should vote for what is best for the the country and its citizens as a whole. Now I also believe we should vote to help the younger generations. Our generation has been favoured in a way that is totally at odds with those who finish university with £40,000 of debt.

John and Billy, in Ranter’s Wharf, fought for people to gain the vote. We must use it wisely.


About Rosemary Noble

Writer, author, amateur historian and traveller
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