Ranter’s Wharf Cover

Thanks to Verite CM in Worthing I now have my cover. The image is courtesy of the Primitive Methodist Museum. It’s an image of Thomas King, an itinerant Primitive Methodist preacher on his mission to Grimsby.



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2 Responses to Ranter’s Wharf Cover

  1. indigomember says:

    I like your cover. Very clear and I imagine you found this picture when researching. Did you have to purchase copyright? And you mention “Verité”. Could you give us self-publishing authors some idea of the costs involved, please. I note that CreateSpace offer a service that ranges from $99 to $300+. Quite a chunk out of our already meagre profit margins. And yet, a cover is so important to catch the reader. I am guilty of buying books in the past because the cover appealed. And that was before I read the blurb.


  2. Rosemary N says:

    I haven’t had the bill yet but they quoted me £60 plus VAT, which I think is pretty good. I paid a donation to the Primitive Methodist Museum for the image. They were happy to accept £25. I am now going to ask them to redesign the cover for my first book. Up to now I haven’t spent much on my books, but sales are now going quite well, so it’s time to spend some on marketing and design.


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