Is Search for the Light a romance?

In February we have Valentine’s Day – the month for lovers and romance. But romance comes in all sorts of guises and may not be the same now as it was in the 19th century, when a woman depended on men just to survive. There are three ‘love affairs’ in Search for the Light’ from the purely transactional, (Helen’s) to full blown love.


When I started writing it I had no idea how it would end, other than with the one character, I knew intimately, my husband’s three times great grandmother. She had to marry to create her family.

I think it was when we got on board ship to face the five-month voyage to Van Diemen’s Land that I first identified one of the sailors to be a possible love interest for Nora, the heroine of the story. I strongly believe that the characters find me and George’s empathy with the convict girls grew on me. He knew what it was to have an unhappy and bullying childhood. But, of course, they couldn’t declare their love for each other, it had to carry on secretly, but in plain view. Congress between the convict girls and the sailors was forbidden, or was it? The Henry’s ships’ surgeon, in real life, made one of the girls his mistress and had a child with her. But George and Nora conduct their love affair with subterfuge and song.

And Sarah, what about timid, abused Sarah, could she ever learn to trust a man? All my readers love Sarah. At one point I was considering whether she should die, probably by her own hand, but I couldn’t do it. She spoke to me, as she speaks to everyone. Never give up hope. Read now on Kindle 


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2 Responses to Is Search for the Light a romance?

  1. indigomember says:

    You are quite right about ove coming in different guises. Thank Heavens we are all different. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  2. indigomember says:

    LOVE,not ove!!


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