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I have been playing with Canva to create a book cover for the new book. This is a first attempt. The image is courtesy of the Primitive Methodist Museum at Englesea Brook in Cheshire. They have been so helpful. The question is whether to use something which I can create myself i.e. basic, or should I splash out and buy the artwork? Responses please.ranters-wharf

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3 Responses to Book Cover

  1. Angela Petch says:

    For my first book, I designed a cover myself. When I re-published it, I used a photographer friend (paid him in wine and a basket of Italian goodies) but we still used the Amazon guidelines. Friends preferred this second cover, so I am using him again.
    I like the graphics of your cover – but not the colour. Let us know what the consensus is.
    I think you can spend as little or as much as you can afford, but you should be able to produce a decent cover yourself.


  2. Patricia S says:

    I think your cover looks very good, though I too think the colour could be improved. You benefit from writing novels about an actual historical period that is well documented, which means you can use authentic images.

    There are so many options out there, and I’m still not clear when to use an image and when to have a full cover design, as we did for Words For Wadars. I am thinking of withdrawing my two Paw Prints books (kindle and print) and re-issuing them with a new cover but frankly am daunted by the whole thing.


  3. Rosemary N says:

    See the latest design on my Facebook Page. I have used Canva to do this. I am so reluctant to spend a lot of money on design when I know I will not get my money back for several years.


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